Two friends sharing food and their lives

About Us


We are so glad that you found us! We are best friends, Jess and Lauren, with a primary passion for cooking and food. We want to inspire people to make and bake in their own kitchen. Our lives are not just spent in the kitchen, although some days it feels like it, so we also plan to share some of our other interests – health and wellness, home decor, wine, travel, fashion, quilting, entertaining, motherhood, married life – whatever is going on in our day to day lives!

Why are we called “The Friendly Edit” you might ask? Well we believe in being kind to ourselves. If only the voice in our heads could be a little more like our best friends’ voice. Oh and we are two best friends!  We also believe making small changes in how we do things. Jazzing up an old family recipe, subbing in a healthier ingredient, travelling to somewhere different or trying something new. We are both trying to live in a slightly more minimalist way as well. “The Friendly Edit” seemed like the perfect name to convey our beliefs. 

Now let us introduce each other!

Let me introduce my friend Lauren . . . .

Lauren’s biggest passion in life is helping people be their BEST! She kept this in mind when selecting her career. She combined her other passions of cooking and sports, and studied to be a registered dietitian. She currently specializes in weight management and healthy living. Lauren continues to live an active lifestyle including many types of physical activity and sports. Through her love of sports she met Mike and married him last spring. She loves to experiment in the kitchen and whips up some amazing dishes. She has a keen eye to adapt a recipe to make it better, or better for you! Lauren’s adventurous spirit also leads to her love of travel. Anytime she has an opportunity she jets away to experience new places. Lauren is the best listener on the planet(a BIG statement I know, but absolutely true) and so thoughtful, kind and genuine! Her relaxed, subtle, playful and calm nature put everyone at ease. I’ve always admired Lauren’s ability to say the right thing in this beautiful, kind and concise way. She takes time for self-reflection, setting priorities and self betterment. When we met she was a little more of a sporty spice than a fashionista, but her taste and style have evolved and matured to perfection. She is now way cooler than me! Although we differ in personality, our passions and values have kept us close over the years.


Meet Jess! Jess is by far the most kind and generous person in the world. I know we’re both making big claims here, but stick around and you’ll learn that this one is 100% the truth. Jess is the kind of woman that everyone wants to be friends with. She is so warm and welcoming, even if you’re meeting her for the first time, you feel like you’ve known her for years. I first met Jess back in our high school fashion class. *Spoiler alert…even though I was in fashion class and could sew a mean pair of pajama pants, fashion sense I did not have. Of the two of us, Jess has always been the fashionable/creative/artistic one.  I have always admired how confident she is in her own skin. Jess is real. She absolutely does not apologize for being who she is. And honestly, she’s so charming and fantastic, you can’t help but love her!

She’s always been someone that knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. Her positive attitude, hard work ethic and determination allowed her to work her way up in her career in the big city. Along the way she met her husband Dean and now they have 2 of the most beautiful children you might possibly ever see. Jess LOVES opening her home to friends and family; she’s the hostess with the mostest and a real-life Martha Stewart (hopefully she plans on sharing some of her entertaining tips with us along the way – this girl knows how to throw a party!).