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Whipped Feta- need I say more? 

Whipped Feta- need I say more? 

So for a birthday treat we met a few friends at this amazing restaurant called Ten Foot Henry in Calgary and had this unbelievable starter with warm whipped Feta on grilled sourdough with roast tomatoes and dill! It was soooooo amazing and a must try but the flavours really piqued my interest and I thought, “why haven’t I been whipping Feta all along?” So I immediately came home, threw some in my mixer and got to whipping! I love the classic combo that the restaurant used but I’ve really loved mixing up the flavours as well!

To whip your Feta use about 1 cup of crumbled feta, put in your mixer, mix of medium for about a minute until very crumbly. Add 4-6 tbsp of whipping cream, while whipping on high one tbs at a time until you reach your desired texture. I wanted a bit of Feta crumble, not completely smooth, but at Ten Foot Henry it was as smooth as silk!

Feta has that delicious salty and creamy taste that mix well with savoury and sweet flavours. So far I’ve done an orange and honey and tomato and dill on toast or grilled bread as dinner, but scaled down on a piece of French bread this would make a fantastic appetizer, finger food or starter.

Please share with us your whipped Feta flavour combination in the comments!


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