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My First “Real” Quilt

My First “Real” Quilt

I’ve been wanting to take up quilting for a few years. I’ve always loved the handmade aspect of a beautiful quilt. It’s a unique art. We received a beautiful baby quilt when we had our son (from the lovely Linda – quilt pictured below. Excuse my little jaundice two-day old.) it was our most precious baby gift. My son slept with it nearly every night until I replaced it with a quilt of my own. I’ve hmm’d and haw’ed about joining a class and every time I was ready to take the plunge, the class was full by the time I went to book!

My friend Jamie started an amazing company with her mom and sister, called Culcita. I met her through my baby group with my son and a few years later – she is one of my closest friends. I really wanted to support her business, so I made two simple baby size quilts from YouTube tutorials Jelly Roll Jam Quilt and Jamie’s patient advice, and then I was ready for my first quilt kit.

Now I must say, the ladies at Culcita made it super easy by selecting a killer pattern by Suzy Quilts, called Weekend Candy. They also included a card for the layout of the fabrics in the pattern. This quilt was fun to make, and a perfect beginner project because it really allowed you to check for square at every point and correct any little beginner mistakes. The fabric line the ladies from Culcita selected for February was Cotton and Steel’s Sleep Tight by Sarah Watts. It is adorable and also just the right fit with our home decor. It was a fun and fast finish, and completely brought to life by Philippa who did the amazing work on the long arm.

I can’t recommend the Culcita box quilt kits enough! I signed up for them quarterly and can’t wait to get my next one. It’s been a great way to get started and continue with my quilting education. This quilt has already found a place in our home and a few people who love it! On to the next quilt!


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