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Modern, Stylish and Quick Baby Quilt

Modern, Stylish and Quick Baby Quilt

Friends of ours are having a baby in May. I don’t get to see them often as they live in much less populated area several hours away. I’ve been obsessing over what to get them for a baby gift. I wanted to get them something nice, but since they live so far away, I didn’t know what they already have and what the need.  The town they live is smaller so I didn’t want them to have to go out of their way to return or exchange if it was a duplicate or undesired item.  I still couldn’t find the right thing, then finally I thought,  “I can do this! I can make a quilt! But it better be fast because it will have to go in the mail and baby is coming.”

I ran downstairs and pulled out all the colours and patterns suitable for a boy. I know I wanted to make a 40 inch square quilt. I ended up with some fabrics I had bought extra of  from my last two quilts, and one I had bought for it but ended up not using. Mostly, but not all, were Free Spirit Brand fabrics.

I made two rows of half square triangle blocks and then strips of the fabrics used in the HST in bands of varied widths between 4-6 inches wide. The back is mostly a gingham print but I didn’t have quite enough so I inserted a little Tula Pink fabric that I used on the front.  I quilted just using scant quarter-inch on either side of the seams of the bands. I wanted to do more quilting but my old, cheap, machine really struggled to quilt through the layers. Time for a new one! One three of the panels I also reinforced the triangle pattern with some zig zag quilting. I hand stitched the binding and 24 hours later, it’s ready for the mail. Hopefully it will make it in time! Turned out so lovely I think this may a quilt be worth repeating!


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