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So lately it seems like it’s been hard for me to get posts up, but I just had to share one of my new favourite drinks, the KomBEERcha! One part Kombucha, that o so good for you, gut flora boosting beverage, and one part sour beer, which if you haven’t tried it is typically a tarter, fruiter friend of a low alcohol beer.

I had no idea I loved sour beers in general until I attended beer fest a few years ago and I am not a big beer fan but couldn’t get enough of the “sour beer” varieties I tried. When I was at my friends’ house several months ago we were talking about beer and I brought up how I loved sour beers and they asked, “Have you ever tried a KomBEERcha?” “Ah- no, but it sounds like something I MIGHT like!” They whipped me up one right then and there, and I was hooked.

Now I’ve tried making my KomBEERcha with several types of Kombucha and flavours of sour beer. This has been the prettiest one with its bright color from the blackberry beer, but I love the flavour of a ginger flavour Kombucha and a citrus flavoured sour beer. Every combo I’ve tried has been tasty, but these two are my favourite!

You might be asking yourself, “What occasion would I serve or drink a KomBEERcha?” My answer would be “anytime”, but I think it is especially satisfying and a low alcohol option for afternoons and lunches. My favourite way is with my mom friends while our kids play in the afternoon, or around 3-4 on weekends with my husband after the days’ errands are done.

No real “recipe” for this one, just half sour beer and an equal-ish amount of Kombucha and you are good to go! Garnish as desired, I love a few berries or a citrus wedge. Enjoy with fabulous company!


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